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Empowering Abilities, Embracing Dignity

Daily Dignity Day Center

At Daily Dignity, we believe in empowering those we support. Our center strives to provide a warm and supportive environment where individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities can thrive and reach their full potential.

Here, every individual is valued and respected for who they are. We offer services designed to assist with independence, foster social connections, and promote personal growth.

Whether it's engaging in enriching activities, accessing personalized care and support, or participating in community outings, our goal is to ensure that each person feels welcomed, included, and empowered to live their best life.

We invite you to explore all that Daily Dignity has to offer and join us on this journey of discovery, growth, and dignity. Welcome to our community!

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Our Mission

“Our mission is to empower individuals with developmental disabilities to live a life with dignity under their terms and within their capabilities. We strive to achieve this by providing person-centered programs and services that foster an environment to promote growth, independence, and community engagement. Through our crafts, music activities, social interactions, and community involvement, we aim to identify and foster the unique interests and abilities of each individual we support. At Daily Dignity, we hope to create a safe and inclusive environment that promotes a sense of belonging and enhances the overall well-being of each individual”.


Personalized Care Plans

Each client will have an individualized care plan tailored to their unique needs, abilities, and goals. These plans will encompass various aspects such as personal care, skill development, therapeutic interventions, and social activities.

Life Skills Training

We will provide training and support to enhance daily living skills, including personal hygiene, meal preparation, money management, and household chores, promoting greater independence and self-sufficiency.

Recreational Activities

Our center will offer a diverse range of recreational activities, including art therapy, music therapy, sports, gardening, and outings, enabling clients to explore their interests, express themselves, and develop new talents.

Community Integration

Daily Dignity Day Center will actively engage with the local community to foster inclusivity and create meaningful connections. We will organize events, workshops, and awareness campaigns to promote understanding, acceptance, and social integration.

Family Support and Counseling

We recognize the crucial role families play in the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities. We will offer support, guidance, and group sessions to families and caregivers, ensuring a holistic approach to care and well-being.